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Anna Neubert
Navigating Disciplinary Differences in (Digital) Research Projects Through Project Management
DOI: 10.14361/9783839454190-003
In this article I survey our approach to implementing digital research in a collaborative research center by navigating disciplinary differences through tools and methods deriving from project management. I argue that by providing a clear framework and making regulations in cooperative work as well as acknowledging each individual contribution, interdisciplinary collaboration especially in the digital humanities can – even in a short time – produce meaningful and satisfying research results. This article is an account of our strategy to tackle challenges and opportunities that arose during our cooperation in combining the »humanities« and the »digital«. It shows where effort payed off and where failures required us to tackle problems and solve them. I conclude by recommending an approach to a new and different recognition of research results and their applicability within disciplinary boundaries that supports a better understanding within interdisciplinary collaborations.